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Solutions based on Argus DVR software

Surveillance Solutions:

Our surveillance products secure and monitor people, facilities and assets in a wide range of security applications. We have surveillance model that is designed for commercial applications that require recording one or more either network IP cameras or traditional analog CCTV cameras connected to surveillance computer.

The surveillance system is made up of two primary components: the surveillance computer and our Web server, which is used to provide remote access to live and recorded video of one or more surveillance computers.

The surveillance computer captures, compresses, and stores video from connected cameras. You can watch cameras, playback recorded video, and control PTZ cameras over Internet.

Software provides a single unified view of multiple cameras via Web browser. It records events, automaticaly monitors surveillance outages, and sends alerts via e-mail.

Ways to Use:


Financial institutions can install our surveillance solutions at offices to increase security. Separate video files of each specific action can be stored onto a central Web server for potential future investigation. High image quality leads to easy identification of people and at the cashier in the branch office. Ability to encrypt video files gives additional proof of identity.

Buildings, offices, shopping-malls and parking lots

Our surveillance solutions can monitor buildings, offices, shopping-malls and parking lots securely and easily, thus making these places safer for all visitors. At night, surveillance system can be used to monitor the facility. In the event of an unauthorized entry, motion detection can initiate recording of the intruder and send an immediate notification to security.


Our surveillance solutions provide additional security over traditional analog systems for retail stores who are constantly exposed to the threat of robbery. Live video is transmitted over Internet and can be stored on a web server in a secure place, rather than on a tape cassette that is reachable by potential criminals.

Home security

During the day, you can watch your children, parents, pets etc. remotely trough Internet. At night, motion detection can trigger an alarm, start recording video, and scare off intruders with a sound siren.

Advantages of Digital Surveillance versus Analog Surveillance:

Digital Surveillance:

Analog Surveillance:

Quality images stayed same all time Reduced picture quality as time progresses
Multiplexer not required (built in) Short recording time
Built in motion detector Complicated search task
Ease of video archiving Chewed up tapes getting stuck in VCR
Storing video data on DVD disks
Remotely access from anywhere
Local and remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera control
Ability to record while search function operate
Encrypted and password protected recording and transmission
Sending alarm notifications by email (photo and text)

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